The Suburban Dictionary

A few years ago, the word “swag” had a bit of a moment.  My daughters were in middle school at the time and I remember hearing them say it over and over again.  The funny thing was that their understanding of the word was completely different from mine.  As far as I knew, “I got swag” meant “I picked up a bunch of free stuff at a conference.”  To my daughters, “I got swag” meant “I’m super cool.”  Many of our conversations ended in, “Huh?”

Luckily, no one says swag anymore, but I have a feeling there are still plenty of family interactions that are lost in translation every day.  That’s why I’m introducing the Suburban Dictionary.  It’s nothing like the Urban Dictionary – we parents out here in the provinces could never hope to be that hip!  It’s just a friendly guide to help moms and dads understand what the heck their kids are saying.  Or at least encourage everyone to mellow off a little bit.  Here goes…

Entry #1:  Stunt

Old meaning: (noun) – a feat showing unusual skill, strength or daring

“What kind of stunt will Evel Knievel perform on ABC’s Wide World of Sports this weekend?”

New meaning: (verb) – to show off or flaunt; try to make an impression.

“I’m boutta stunt on those freshmen with my new jacket!”

The freshmen in question are not in danger of an upperclassman leaping over their heads on a motorcycle.  They’re merely about to have their minds blown by a new style of outerwear.  Somehow, the new “stunt” manages to retain all the awe and wonderment of the old “stunt” with absolutely none of the skill or daring.  All the gain, none of the pain?  These kids are really bringing me over, man.

Got an idea for the Suburban Dictionary?  Send it my way!

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