Triscuit Moment 2.0

20141209_112425This month marks the first anniversary of!  Some of you may remember that it all started when I had that Triscuit Moment in the snack aisle of the grocery store last year.  Inspiration tends to strike in the unlikeliest places, doesn’t it?  Long story short, I went to the store during the 2013 holiday season looking for a box of Original Triscuits and instead encountered a Great Wall of Triscuits of every flavor imaginable.  Except, sadly, Original.  The experience made me realize that, like the Triscuit brand, I was perhaps stretched a little too thin and had lost touch with my “Original” self.  I vowed that day to get back to one of my core interests – writing – by starting this blog.

So, twelve months later, the good people at WordPress very kindly crunched the numbers for my 2014 Year in Blogging report, which contained some interesting information…

  • I got off to a slow but steady start: I managed to complete 24 posts – about half the number I had hoped for – but I was really happy with the way each one turned out.
  • I got some surprises: My book reviews were my most popular posts.  I didn’t expect that, because there are already so many literary blogs and websites out there.
  • I got great support: My top commenters were members of my immediate and extended family, and I’m so grateful for all their encouragement along the way.

What the numbers didn’t capture is how much I’m enjoying this whole adventure.  It’s a tremendous thrill every time the words come together in just the right way or a story makes someone laugh or a review connects a reader to a great book.  I’m really looking forward to the year ahead in blogging, and I hope you are too.  I’m already working on a review of my favorite book of 2014, and there are always more tales of parenting, people, events and life in general waiting to be told.

I’m going to have to really focus in order to meet my goal of one post per week, though.  While grocery shopping last month, I nearly ran head-on into a special holiday display of – are you ready for this? – Cranberry & Sage Triscuits.  Cranberry & Sage Triscuits!!  Call it what you will – Triscuit Moment 2.0 has a nice ring to it – but as I steered my cart out of danger, I realized that, much like the Nabisco product development juggernaut, the distractions of modern life will not stop and will only become more unusual.  That means it’s more important than ever to renew those resolutions and stay on the Original course.

Good luck.  And best wishes for an inspired 2015!

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